Is the use of semiconductors obsolete?

In this electronically ruled world, semiconductors are a part of each and every electronic device right from mobiles to computers. With the variety of electronic gadgets that we use, it is known that semiconductors have now become a part of everyone’s life. This is responsible for the increase in demand for the semiconductor manufacturing companies. World class companies that offer high quality services provide solutions to the customers are available all over.
A semiconductor is a material that has the ability to conduct electric current in a controlled manner. Depending on the device, the flow of the electric current can be controlled permanently or dynamically. All it takes are high quality silicon wafers to bring the semiconductor to use. As the name says, a semiconductor stands between the good and the bad conductor. Hence, it takes several components to form an ideal semiconductor. It is a known fact that the use of silicon makes or breaks a semiconductor.
The semiconductors that we use in a daily basis should be advanced in technology with time. In addition to the silicon wafers, transistors play a major role in the manufacture of semiconductors. These transistors can be use in different combination, which makes the fundamentals of digital circuits. With the world going digital, it is important that the use of semiconductor plays a vital role in the functioning of any device or gadget. Also, the use of Integrated Chips in which semiconductor is one of the major component is also used in almost all electronic devices.
With the electronic devices becoming handy day by day, semiconductor companies are finding it difficult to manufacture semiconductors that small. This is clearly one of the major drawbacks in using this material as one of the key component. Also, the amount of heat that the semiconductors generate, people all over the world are looking for a replacement.