Lithium Ion Battery Pack – Great Use For Appliances

Li-Ion battery packs are becoming popular day by day. Li(Lithium)-Ion batteries are widely used in electronic devices like camera, lights and many more. The Li-Ion battery packs have become famous of the usage of lithium metal. Being the lightest of all the metals, Lithium has the highest electro chemical potential which makes them unique when compared to other metals. In the early 1970’s , the first non-rechargeable Li-Ion batteries came into existence. After the rechargeable batteries hit the market, Li-Ion batteries have been the most sought after battery packs in the world. Also, Lithium has a high energy density because of which Li-Ion battery stands on top over the normal nickel cadmium batteries.
The main reason behind the success of Li-Ion battery is that, there were some changes incorporated in the compound structure of the electrode which has increased the electric power density three times than that of the nickel cadmium batteries. Another major advantage of the Lithium Ion battery is that it gives you a choice of using the stored power in any range of your choice. Also, the load capacities of the lithium ion batteries are appreciable in comparison to other metals. Improvement in designing the lithium ion batteries will increase as the technology increases.
One of the notable features of the Lithium Ion battery packs is that they require low maintenance. You need not frequently charge your batteries frequently. Charging the batteries for a couple of hours would revive its life. Also, the Li-Ion cells have high cell voltage which allows the manufacturing of these battery packs comes with single cell. These in turn have simplified the designing of these battery packs. Hence, this technology has been incorporated in most of the high-end cell phones of today. Thus, the Li-Ion battery packs have redefined the usage of the battery packs.