Semiconductors – A tunneling breakthrough!

Semiconductors have become part of every other device that we use today. The more compacter and efficient the device is, it means that there is advancement in the way the semiconductor is being used in it. Especially now that the batteries being developed use much less power, this has extended battery life by about 10 times and more for mobile devices. This breakthrough was made possible because of the extensive research in the usage of tunneling field effect transistors. These transistors in future will replace the conventional transistors used in batteries, of course it does take time to establish it for practical uses, however, it has been discovered that these tunneling effect transistors also known as tunnel diodes effectively help in reducing power consumption as compared to the original version of transistors. The reason was that the tunnel diodes provided a much more high value of drive current which has made the difference as well as played a role in the improvement.
The best thing about reduced power consumption in batteries has another wonderful effect, making the device a lot more efficient. The effect of this diode is further enhanced by the use of esaki diodes, which are another family of transistors. Semiconductor has not only changed the very face of battery technology, it has also brought in a permanent and much needed solution to the problem of power shortage, thanks to the development of solar cells made from silicon substrates, which is another material from the semiconductor family. The very name, provides different uses, i.e. it is an insulator until a certain temperature, and the moment it encounters a breakdown voltage or high temperature it turns into a conductor. This is the wonderful property that has changed the way the world can make use of various electronic devices.