Semiconductors – The Silent Rulers of the Electronics Kingdom!

The word semiconductor has become a household term, why? Because it can be found in our television sets, mobile phones, obviously computers, the washing machine, the toaster and just about every other electronic appliance in and around our house! The wonders of electronics are usually not understood or not appreciated enough, however it is time to break such stereotypes. We live in the world of electronics; in fact we cannot survive without electronics. Well, to make this clearer, can you imagine a day without your phone or laptop? Apparently not, and this is why it is important for everybody to know the importance of semiconductors in our everyday lives. Semiconductors are used not just as microchips, but also for battery requirements and this makes it indispensable in the mobile and tablet world that we live in. It has brought on a major revolution in the domain of wireless devices and networks that has completely changed the face of technology.
It’s been almost twenty years since semiconductors came into use in our everyday lives and still, there is advancement in the field everyday which is only about change tomorrow, what it changed today. The usefulness of semiconductors are best realized among the industrialists, whether it is in aircrafts, space shuttles, medical instruments and various research directions in different fields of technology. Well, looking back just a bit, you will realize that the name Silicon Valley came from the very topic of discussion right here! We all know that silicon is a semiconductor and in fact, it is the one which is used most commonly in all of its applications. Of course there are variations depending on the application. The Li-Ion battery is definitely a very useful advancement, because we couldn’t have used our laptops and mobile phones when we are on the go. So, there are so many avenues you can use semiconductors in, think about it the next time you use an electronic gadget.